. "Hi Larry: Man!  The Bedford rifle turned out great!  I am always pleasantly surprised when I see the great restoration work that you do to my guns. I know exactly where the wood splice is supposed to be on the forearm, but if I didn't have prior knowledge I would be hard pressed to see it.  This Border gun actually looks like a proper Bedford Co. Rifle now. Thank  you very much. Wes"  2005
. "Mrs. Gardner, I picked up the rifle this afternoon.  It is beautiful, beautiful!!  Larry, you did a super job.  Please let me know when I can call you to yak awhile and not disturb your working.  Do you have any secret formulas you use for aging the inlays and the brass that you care to share?  My crowd likes them old and crummy looking.  Thank you for helping me get this rifle back to presentable condition.  You are a true artist, surely inspired by your lovely wife.  Thanks. Doc",   J. F. Musgraves, MD - 2005
. " Larry,  I'm drinking and waxing the beautiful .45 tonight.  Your style is so exquisite.  Would like to have talked to you more at Dixon's about the PA deer situation but there were always people around you every time I was nearby.  Hope the fair was successful for you. Now that I have the gun in my hands I can't believe I risked losing it! Best Regards," Bob Banks - 2005
. "I am the one who purchased your Golden Age Maryland rifle from Horst Guns. I just had to write and tell you what a thrill it was to unpack your masterpiece. I've seen many contemporary guns over the past year and this one by far outdoes them all in being tastefully done. As a painter myself I can appreciate the masterfully combined form, function and art. I pride myself in the details and perfection of all the elements. Your gun exceeds my standards! All who have seen it just stare in wonder. Your workmanship is certainly a sight to behold. Best regards," R. Myers - 2005
. "I am writing this letter to compliment you on a very fine, well made John Armstrong Long Rifle that you built for me in 1972. To this day, it's beauty, accuracy and dependability are of the highest quality. I hold this rifle as one of my prized possessions. It has taken many deer and I am looking forward to future hunts. Thanks and take care, my friend. Sincerely," R. Donohue - 2003
. "As I said on the phone, it is an amazing piece of work. I got a lot more than I bargained for and am thoroughly pleased. Please add me to your list of references" . J. Lottinville - 1998
. "I am in awe of your craftsmanship. Your work is always outstanding, whether it is a plain rifle or a fancy rifle. In fact, I don't think you can make a plain rifle" J. Lottinville - 2000
. "All I can say is "Wow" and "Thank You" for the great rifle." J. Lottinville - 2004
. "HOLY SMOKES!  That's phenomenal! I'm shocked, I've never seen anything that nice or that well done! That is absolutely cool. This is going to send me to the poor house for sure :-)  THANKS!!!!!!!"   J. Lottinville - 2006
. "Larry, I would like to thank you for building me such a fine Golden Age Rifle.  The rifle that I now refer to as the "Squirrel Gun" is an absolutely beautiful piece of artwork.  The engraving on the rifle is extremely intricate and detailed.  This is most noticeable in the patch box where the silver on brass Squirrel appears to come to life as it sits there admiring it's next meal, a nut.  Not only is the rifle a fine art-piece, the balance, fit and overall feel of the rifle make it a pleasure to shoot.  Since purchasing the rifle, I can't sit and watch TV at night without laying it across my lap, rubbing the finish with a light wax, admiring the intricate detail and hoping that owing a Gardner rifle will someday improve my gun building capabilities.  I can think of no finer model from which to learn."   D. Mark Stanley - 2006
. "Larry, received the fancy mountain rifle you and Les made today. The workmanship is something to behold. The form fit and balance of the rifle makes most other makers' work, (including my own), look like a baseball bat with a barrel. Your attention to detail and quality has provided a shootable show piece that will be handed down through generations. Thanks again!  Gary Palmer, California - 2006
Dear Larry, Thanks so much for the wonderful job you did on my longrifle this year.  Santa's workshop couldn't have done any better. It's beautiful, works great, is very comfortable and extremely accurate. The best new toy I've gotten in years and years. Keep up the great work.  Thanks again." Jim B. - 2006
. "Writing a check to Larry is always a pleasure, unlike all the other checks I write. Two hundred years from now nobody will care about my check to the City of Houston for my water bill, but 200 years from now somebody will be admiring Larry's rifles."   J. Lottinville - 2007
. "Greetings Joan, HOLY SMOKES, he did it again!! WOW WOW WOW. Once again I'm blown away by Larry's work.  That turned out waaaaaaaaaaay nice. Man o man. Cindy says it's a 'Larry John Gun'. Please tell Larry I'm blown away & to ship it in an extra tough box! Thanks!! " J. Lottinville - 2008
. "My wife is an artist of some note and we live surrounded by her work and the work of her contemporaries and other artists that she admires. As a result I like to think that I have developed a bit of an eye for quality over time.I have a life-long association with guns of all types and a few years ago I started collecting the work of contemporary traditional builders. At the CLA show we have observed that there are a great number of makers out there now who are capable of the highest standards of craftsmanship. Larry Gardner is certainly among the top ranks of this group. We have two of his rifles at present, one for me and one for my wife, and two on order. What we especially like about Larry's work is his sense of composition. The design flows through the piece. All of the little details are just right, nither too much or too little. It reminds me of the great works of Beethoven. Even after repeated hearings there isn't one single note that should be changed." Bill Bright - 2009
. "After receiving my February copy of "Muzzle Blasts" where your husband's exquisite rifle was featured on the cover, I wanted to take the opportunity to congratulate him again for his well deserved recognition.  Mr. Gardner is a one of a kind gun maker that surpasses everyone I have ever seen with his workmanship.  Never since my childhood days of dressing-up like  Davy Crockett in the 50s, have I seen such breathtaking artistry in a muzzle loading rifle! Hope you folks have a wonderful Spring and Summer!!  Best Regards!!"  Bill - 2010

. "Larry- Beautiful restoration job! Looks Great- Thank you, Pete S. - 2011

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